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E-Mail Jokes

Here's a great collection of all the E-Mail Jokes we have received via E-Mail. Most of them came from friends and co-workers. The rest came from people like you. If you have any original or "Fwd" jokes, please use our form mailer below to include your Joke in our collection.

Disclaimer: These jokes are intended for a mature audience. If you are offended by any of the material contained herein, don't read it. Go to another web site now. Hey, the power is in your index finger.

Ways to reject pick-up lines   

Zachary's disease  

50 Rules for Men  

Think you're computer illiterate?  

Drivers Education Exam Answers  

Women's Point Guide for Men  

Blonde and Sheepherder  

Everything I need to know  

Top Ten Reasons  

Two Little Old Ladies  

Virus Warnings  

The FBI  

Mrs. Green  


Led Balls

Why Secret?

Year 2000 Problem

Write it Down

Asleep Again in Church

One Armed Man

Dilbert's Law of Work  

A Little Boy's Letter to God  

50 Ways To Drive Men Crazy  

The Genie  

Silicon Valley vs. Detroit  

Stop Drugs  

Men's 43 Rules for Women  

Two Lawyers Stranded  

A Guide to Software Revisions  

The Pope  

Tips for Managers  

Train Ride  

Combat Pilots  

Octopus Talent  

Letter of Recommendation

30-40 Years

Tech Support

Moral of the Story

Man versus Woman

Wounded NUN


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